Contact Your legislators

There Are Many Options To Reach Elected Officials - Pick The Way That Works Best For You

1) Write or Call

Use our sample letters or call scripts (both coming soon by March 15, 2020) about fair redistricting and ranked choice voting as a starting point. It would be especially effective if you can personalize the sample with a little about yourself or why you care about fixing our system. But if you're short on time? Just copy and paste the sample into an email, sign your name, and send as-is. Nervous about calling? Feel free to call after hours and you can go straight to voicemail and leave a message. You can find contact information here.

2) Have Time To Go In Person?

This is a way a single person can have an enormous impact! Elected officials spend a lot of time in session or with lobbyists and are thrilled when their constituents come to meet with them. Just contact their legislative assistant and ask to schedule a time. Or you can even just try dropping by their office. Even if your representative is in session, they are usually happy to have their legislative assistant pull them out for a few minutes to hear what's on your mind.

"Meeting with my MN House Representative and Senator was so much easier than I ever thought! It was empowering to know they cared about my concerns and wanted to help. I never knew that our elected officials were so excited to hear from constituents. I always thought the government was out of reach. Turns out it's easily accessible to everyday citizens like me!"

-Michelle, RepresentUs member after first meeting at the MN Capitol, 2019

3) Don't Have Access to A Computer? Send a Message Right From Your Phone.

Text using Resistbot at 50409 with the message RESIST. Then just type your name, address, and a brief message (such as "Please support fair and independent redistricting and ranked choice voting this session", and Resistbot will find your represenatives and send your message right to them for you.

We'd love to hear if you've contacted your representatives about these topics. Please let us know at